Why a Complete Count Matters

Allocation of Federal Dollars

An accurate count will ensure Nueces County gets its fair share of federal resources—our tax dollars flowing back through federal programs. Each person counted in Texas represents between $1,500 to $1,900 in potential federal funds. 

Using Nueces County’s most recent population estimates — about 362,000 people — it could amount to between $543 million to $688 million brought into the area each year. 

With that formula in effect until 2030, federal funding revenue could reach $5.4 billion to $6.8 billion total. According to the census bureau nearly 130 programs are linked to population data. These include major infrastructure projects such as the construction of the new Harbor Bridge, health care such as Medicaid and Medicare, affordable housing grants and so much more. 

Economic Development for Nueces County 

The business community is the largest consumer of census data in the nation. Businesses use data derived from the census to guide strategic development, operational decisions, and investment of resources. The demographic data collected will impact businesses’ decisions on whether or not to invest in Nueces County.  Local businesses also use census data to determine where to build new retail and hospitality venues. 

Representation in Government 

The number of members that represent Nueces County in the State Legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives state depends on the population count. The number of votes each state receives in the electoral college during presidential elections is also dependent on the decennial census count. 

Fair and Informed Governance

An accurate census count will provide data for elected officials to make sound economic decisions about financing hospitals, schools, transportation and other infrastructure.

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